So Many Voices ...

"Injured? ... Don't Settle for Less" ... "We're the Best Lawyers in [your town]" ... "Debt Relief" ...

...on television, billboards, buses, the internet - each trying to persuade you to use the attorney behind the advertisement.

Who Do I Listen To?

Mark F. Viencek has answered that question for countless individuals.

He's a highly skilled attorney with over 20 years experience who's developed a reputation as a Trusted Voice® in personal injury/major loss and debt relief cases because of:

  • his uncompromising and unwavering commitment to integrity and his clients' best interests; and
  • the highly successful and innovative approach he employs on his cases.

Click on innovative approach to learn more; read some of the articles he's written; review some of the recent results and client testimonials. Whether it's a car crash in the middle of the night, a complex malpractice case, debt you can't pay or debt harassment you can't stand, call Mr. Viencek and put his inside knowledge and reputation as a Trusted Voice® to work for you. He takes cases not only in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and surrounding areas, but throughout New York State, and in some cases, nationwide.

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